Session Topics & Packages

Small Biz Start-Up

We'll work together to get your new business registered with the required federal, state, and local authorities. This includes generating your Articles of Organization, which you'll need before opening a business bank account.


Tip: Book this type of session when you know what your want your business will be about and once you already have a name chosen for your business.

Optional: We can also work together to secure the online domain name(s) for your new business, create a mission statement, and discuss details to include in your official business plan.


Please email me about your business to discuss pricing details.

QuickBooks Set-Up & Training

We'll work together, one-on-one, to determine your specific accounting system needs. Together, we'll set-up your QuickBooks from start-to-finish. This includes purchasing the QuickBooks software (usually at a discount), loading your company information (including customers, vendors, bank balances, etc.), and backing-loading current year transactions. 

During this process, you'll learn how to use QuickBooks. When we're done, you'll know how to create invoices, bill customers, write checks, log credit card purchases, balance your checking biz account. Most importantly, you'll learn how to run and read reports that are vital to your business' success. You'll be able to see, at a glance, how much money you're making, what you're spending, and if you're profitable. If you keep to the system, you'll also be ready at tax-time with just a few clicks of a button. Now that's something to look forward to!

Social Media Set-Up

We'll work together to create social media profiles for your business. We'll talk about where your clientele is active online and the best ways to connect with them. We'll create a Facebook page, Twitter & Instagram accounts, and/or a LinkedIn business page.

We'll also talk about leveraging your network to make the most of your social media outlets. Together, we'll develop plans for your content, post frequency, and options for advertising.


Tip: It's best to come to this session once you have a company logos and some great images and photos to share. Need help getting these? I would be happy to refer you to some wonderful graphic designers and photographers in town.


Hiring a Full-Time Accountant

You're already running an established business. You've been doing the books yourself for years, and now you're ready to hire your very own in-house accountant. Ideally, you'll hire someone with more accounting experience than you - you're an expert at running a business, you need someone who's an expert in accounting.  But how will you find this awesome accountant? That's where I come in...

We'll work together to determine what your day-to-day accounting needs are, whether you're looking for someone part-time or full-time, and what you can afford to pay this new accountant. From there, I'll draft and post a job description for you, cull through the (many) resumes your job  will receive, and give you the top candidates. If needed, I'll sit in on the interview process, assessing the candidates' technical accounting skills and giving my recommendations for best candidate based on cultural fit and accounting expertise. It can be difficult to find a successful new hire, I can help.